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Access 2020: Race for PWD Rights

by: Angel Villafuerte

I. Description

This is an advocacy project in continuance to similar ones held in 2011, Access 2020: Adventure Race and in 2014 Access 2020: Race to Success. The theme for this present project, being the climax is PWDs’ Accessibility to Establishments, Education, Transportation, Livelihood and Employment. With the prelude activity this year, the highlight shall be main events next year.

Though the clamour of PWDs for equal rights and opportunities continues, we are grateful to the national government, institutions and some private entities for advocating the cause of PWDs. The 20% discount for PWDs’ basic needs and services is much appreciated together with universities/colleges pursuing education for PWDs as well as some private companies implementing the Accessibility Law for their establishments as well as employing PWDs in their working force. The quest continues to further strengthen this advocacy for the benefit of more PWDs. The quest likewise continues for PWDs’ more accessibility in the metropolis especially through wheelchair friendly establishments, streets and pavements as they go through their daily routine. Thus, fortifying and promoting Accessible Tourism.

Likewise, this project aims to achieve accessible transportation for PWDs to include them in the mass transit services as well as provide optimum transportation services in airlines and other modes of transportation in our society. Furthermore, this project emphasizes the accessibility to more scholarship assistance, livelihood and employment for PWDs. This project also aims to partner with government agencies, private companies and associations, disabled people’s organizations and civil societies for the accomplishment of objectives.

II. Objectives

  • To uplift the lives of PWDs in the Philippines.
  • To include PWDs in community and social development especially through accessibility to establishments, education, transportation, livelihood, and employment.
  • To create stronger voice for the rights of PWDs especially in the stronger implementation of PWD-laws as they achieve equal rights and opportunities.
  • To advocate for the cause of PWDs as they become contributing members of the society.

III. Activities

  1. Prelude Activity 2019 (selling of tumblers, t-shirts, mugs)
  2. Main events by July 2020 (NDPR week in partnership with main partners & government agencies NCDA, DOT, DOTR, etc.)
  • Route in the Metropolis (use of LRT/MRT; visit university belt & tourist spot; promoting accessibility, education & transportation)
  • Airline service for PWDs (promoting airline services for PWDs)
  • Entrepreneurship (promoting livelihood & employment with possibility of microfinance opportunity for PWDs)
  1. Wheelathon and Raffle at SM Supermall (SM East Ortigas grounds and activity center; December 2020, International Disability Day) 

Celebrating Excellence, Building the Future, Inspiring Lives for Persons with Disabilities

by Maricel Candole

Tahaanang_Walang_Hagdanan_45 years

Celebrating Excellence!

This is the theme of the celebration as Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc. (TWHI) turns 45. TWHI serves as a spring of empowered PWDs making a difference in their respective fields and communities.   READ MORE…



A TRIBUTE TO Sr. Valeriana Baerts, ICM—God’s Loving Missionary

by Sr. Pat Martinez, ICM Tahanang_Walang_Hagdanan_Sr. Valeriana Baerts

One of us has gone home to God’s eternal love, Sr. Valeriana Baerts, the last of our Belgian Sisters in the Philippines, and a Filipino citizen as well. Today also, the family of Sr. Valeriana and our ICM Sisters in Belgium, especially those who have been missioned to the Philippines, are one with us in prayer, remembrance, and affection. READ MORE…


Empowerment Houses for Women & Children with Disabilities

by Angel Villafuerte

Tahanang Walang Hagdanan_Empowerment HouseEmpowerment houses for women and children with disabilities are the facilities involved in the pilot project for major renovation and concern for urgent change of asbestos roofing of TWH structures. Empowerment house 1 was sponsored by the Archdiocese of Manila through the Diocese of Antipolo while empowerment house 2 was sponsored by the Australian Embassy through its Direct Aid Program. READ MORE…




ADB SCF Supports Dignity Mobility:Wheelchair Assistance for PWDs

By Angel Villafuerte

Tahanang_Walang_Hagdanan_Dignity MobilityAsian Development Bank- Staff Community Fund (ADB-SCF) assisted TWH mobility aid assistance program through project, Dignity Mobility: Wheelchair Assistance for PWDs. With the grant given, 60 PWDs benefitted for the project’s first and second parts with its timeframe for 2016 and 2017. We are very grateful to the ADB-SCF board for approving the project through the kindness of Ms. Christine Infantado, treasurer, Ms. Janette Pascual, chairman and Ms. Susan Ondoy, secretary. READ MORE…



TWH Brags Cultural Wheelchair Dance & Choral Group

By Angel VillafuerteTahanang_Walang_hagdanan_Dancers

TWH is very proud of the performing arts by PWDs! The NCCA (National Commission for Culture and the Arts) assisted TWH last year for the project, Enhancement of Arts Program for PWDs which included the creation of cultural wheelchair dance and our choral group singing our OPM master pieces. READ MORE…





Mirror Mirror Art Exhibit

By Angel Villafuerte

 ‘One of life’s greatest battles is in knowing, embracing, and accepting one’s self, despite one’s flaws. For the residents of Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, the struggle gets all the more difficult. Self-portraits mirror the complexities of how one perceives the self. It is a defining experience that is so honest, yet so denuding, so delicate, yet so freeing. Richard Schmid puts it best: ‘Your experience of something, not the something itself, is the true underlying subject of every work you do.’ READ MORE…


Mobile Charity Bingo

By Maricel Candole

Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc. in partnership with PAGCOR’s Bingo Department embarked in a fundraising activity dubbed as “Mobile Charity Bingo” last August 12, 2017, 3:00 p.m at TWH Multi-Purpose Covered Court. READ MORE….






Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) to Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) in Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc. (TWHI)

By Maria Belen V. Untal

CBR is one of the Programs under social services of (TWHI). It is now called CBID to specify that Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are also a part of societal development. It has been running in TWHI for 30 years now in different areas of Rizal. READ MORE… 



It’s More Fun with Casa Bayanihan

By Michelle Fernandez

It was 2011 when Casa Bayanihan (CB), an alternative study abroad program of the University of San Francisco (USF) which was based in Ateneo de Manila University coordinated with Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc. (TWHI) to be one of their Praxis community sites. It was a program that sends students from the US and Ateneo de Naga to different partner communities for four months to experience the realities of life especially those of the marginalized sector. The spirit of bayanihan shows the Filipino concept of helping each other without asking anything in return. READ MORE…