Dignity Mobility by ADB SCF

The Asian Development Bank, Staff Community Fund (ADB SCF) continues to fund the project Dignity Mobility: Wheelchair Assistance for PWDs benefiting persons with disabilities in Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc. (TWH), Rizal province and Metro Manila. The project name was coined by TWH advocate Ms. Romana Go who spearheaded the very first activity. This project for 2021 is actually the 4th batch of wheelchair assistance prioritizing indigent children with severe physical disabilities, PWDs with severe medical conditions and PWDs who are still working. PWDs who are assisted by this project are those in the TWH CBR (community-based rehabilitation) communities, partner organizations and those working in TWH.


The project started in 2016 assisting 30 beneficiaries per year which was followed in 2017 and 2018. This recent project assists 41 beneficiaries. Project objectives are:  To uplift the lives of majority of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the Philippines; To provide the much needed dignified mobility to PWDs prioritizing indigent children with severe physical disabilities and working PWDs; To provide the much needed and dignified mobility to PWDs to enable them to do indoor and outdoor functions and develop/empower themselves so they can mainstream in their communities; To enable PWDs to participate in inclusive growth and development so they can become contributing members of society. We are very grateful to Ms. Go and the ADB SCF with Chairman-Ms. Jannette Pascual, Vice Chairman-Mr. Hans Jurgen Springer, Secretary-Ms. Bernadette Buensuceso, Admin-Ms. Criselda Cajandab (former Chairman-Ms. Christine Infantado & Admin-Ms. Susan Onday) for this laudable project of the Dignity Mobility!

Activity started with Holy Mass

Beneficiaries waiting for the start of program proper and wheelchairs lined-up for awardee.


Pictures show our new President and Vice-president with Adviser and project beneficiaries for awarding.

Beneficiaries awarded with their wheelchairs with the participation of Local government unit officials.


ADB SCF representatives MS. Berinie Buensuceso & Ms. Susan Onday giving their messages.