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ADB SCF Supports Dignity Mobility: Wheelchair Assistance for PWDs

By Angel Villafuerte

Asian Development Bank- Staff Community Fund (ADB-SCF) assisted TWH mobility aid assistance program through the project, Dignity Mobility: Wheelchair Assistance for PWDs. With the grant given, 60 PWDs benefitted for the project’s first and second parts with its timeframe for 2016 and 2017. We are very grateful to the ADB-SCF board for approving the project through the kindness of Ms. Christine Infantado, treasurer, Ms. Janette Pascual, chairman and Ms. Susan Ondoy, secretary.Tahanang_Walang_Hagdanan_Dignity Mobility

Dignity Mobility which is a new comprehensive project, extension of the TWH wheelchair assistance, was launched in 2016 with ADB SCF as the first donor. It emphasizes the provision of wheelchairs including other mobility aids especially to children with severe physical deformities and disabilities particularly those in remote areas. The project provides customized wheelchairs to beneficiaries suitable to their needs depending on their physical disabilities. This is vital and priority to beneficiaries so that they are not deprived of their social life and can benefit the much needed dignified mobility especially for education, self-reliance and productivity. Most of the beneficiaries are children with severe physical disabilities from TWH CBR (community-based rehabilitation) units in the Rizal province and TWH workers who came from different provinces nationwide.

We also express sincerest thanks to TWH advocate Ms. Romana Go as she specially coined the name of the project- Dignity Mobility and let TWH adopt it. We exert best efforts for project continuity because of the many benefits as we tap more partners.